Deliver happiness through "THINGS”


Service Introduction

From Distribution to Marketing,
We provide everyone services centering around the four industries listed below.

Amazon Retail Business

Foresight provides Amazon Retail Business which puts products directly on Amazon.

  1. All work done until retail sale is done by our company.
  2. Easly start selling products on Amazon with no handling fees.
  3. Utilize Amazon's Marketplace to increase your sales.
Distribution Business

We sell wholesale
as well as
destribute many items
to sellers in Japan.

Media & Marketing Business.

We work
with internet content
such as An EC site,
and an internet magazine.

Material Production Agency

We produce
the pictures needed
for internet sale in the desired
format and size.

Product Distribution Agency

We are a Delivery Center,
Distribution warehouse,
Distribution Center agency.
All of the above business can be done though us.

Media (DVD, Books, CD),
Apparel, PC Accessories,Makeup ect.


Forsight has done business with
over 600 companies and has a wide
variaty of products.